4.-The two become as one in married life

Conscious “of the importance of marriage and the family in society at the present time, and of the necessity of responding to its promotion and defense,” the recently created Institute of Sciences for the Marriage and the Family of the University of Chiclyo, promoted this event, in which they discussed subjects relating to the family such as: health, education, the media, and the necessity of politics related to the family. “The challenge that faces us is to integrate a multi-disciplinary reflection about marriage and the family that is capable of responding to the demands of our present day society,” the Director of the Institute, Ana Maria Olguin from Santa Maria indicated. The Congress was attended by other experts, including these: the Vice-President of the John Paul II Pontifical Institute for studies about Marriage and the Family from Rome, Father José Noriega, the Peruvian ex-Minister of Health, Fernando Carbone, the ex-Director of the General Administration of the Family, and the Community of the Ministry of Women and Social Development, Olga Combe de Llerena, and Attorney Ursula Murua, from the news agency ACI Presna.

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